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How to Celebrate Easter in Orlando at Home

We know a lot of you are celebrating Easter at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun holiday though. We’ve created a list of ways to celebrate Easter in Orlando without leaving your house. There’s stuff for kids and adults to enjoy!

Keep scrolling to read about how you can celebrate Easter during a pandemic. 

easter in orlando

1. Get Crafty

There are so many ways to get crafty with the family indoors and decorate your home for the holiday.

There are Easter crafts for kids and adults to enjoy. You can make your own centerpiece for the table, decorate mason jars, make paper flowers, create an Easter egg wreath and so much more.

Click here for a good guide to Easter Crafts that the entire family will enjoy.

easter in orlando

2. Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Make Easter eggs a little more fun this year by tie-dying them! This is a kid-friendly activity that will leave you with funky colored eggs you can use to decorate your home.

All you’ll need for this activity is liquid food coloring, paper towels, a spray bottle, white vinegar, water, and hard-cooked eggs. Click here for a great article we found on how to tie-dye Easter eggs. 

easter in orlando

3. Easter Egg Hunt

What’s more fun than an egg hunt on Easter? The best part is you can do this in your home or backyard! Here are some ideas for every age group to enjoy this activity:

It’s probably a little more difficult for toddlers to find hidden eggs so to make it a little easier for them, tie the eggs to balloons! It will be fun for them to spot the balloons and hard for them to miss it.

Instead of filling the eggs with candy, fill them with things to do! On a piece of paper write down some fun directions like “hop like a bunny” or “sing your ABCs” and put them in the eggs. Once they complete the activity, they can get their prize.

This is a more interactive way to do an egg hunt and will keep everyone entertained and moving.

If you have teens that are “too cool” for an egg hunt, make things a little more challenging for them. This QR Codes egg hunt is a high-tech way to enjoy this activity. All they have to do is scan these printable QR codes that take them to an image with a clue on it that will lead them to the eggs!

easter in orlando

4. DIY Basket

Rather than buying a basket at the store this year, just make one yourself! There are so many DIY basket ideas on Pinterest. You can do mason jar baskets, unicorn-themed baskets, floral baskets, and so much more.

It’s a fun activity to pass the time and get the whole family involved.

easter in orlando

5. Virtual hangout with family and friends

The worst part about having to stay home is missing time with family. Thankfully, we have the technology to make them feel not so far away. Here are some applications you can use to have a virtual friends and family hangout to celebrate Easter together.

Google Hangouts

easter in orlando

6. Brunch

Sunday is the best day for a good brunch! Sunday is also the best day to be lazy so let the local Orlando restaurants do all of the cooking for you. Here are some restaurants offering Easter specials:

Canvas Restaurant & Market
Bites & Bubbles
Luma on the Park
Osprey Tavern
Reyes Mezcaleria
Hawkers Asian Street Fare

If you are a restaurant offering an Easter special please DM us to be added to this list!

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Natalie Monzon

Natalie Monzon

Natalie is a City Manager for UNATION and author of the Stuff to Do in Orlando blog. For more insight on the best events and things to do in the Orlando area, download the UNATION app and follow @StufftoDoinOrlando on Instagram and Facebook, YouTube.


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